Middle East PetroChem Engineering & Technology, MEPET, has forged an alliance with Netherlands’ Imtech Industrial Services BV Analyser Systems. MEPET’s technical expertise in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries partnered with Imtech’s excellent capability in supplying pre-fabricated systems and products, like analyser systems, metering systems, pilot plants, and sampling systems, provides both Imtech and MEPET a competitive advantage.

With this partnership, MEPET, through IMTECH, has now expanded its services catering to several applications including:

  • Analyser Systems
  • Sample Recovery Systems
  • HV (AC) Systems
  • Metering Systems
  • HC Sampling Systems
  • LNG Sampling Systems
  • Pilot Plants

This collaboration is one of the series of alliances that are in line with MEPET’s strategic expansion plans, slowly making its mark towards a competitive service provider for the oil, gas, and technology industries in the Middle East.

About Imtech Analyser Systems

Company Introduction
As an independent System Integrator Imtech Analyser Systems’ main activities are the complete design, engineering, procurement, assembly / construction and integration of instrumentation and analyser systems, metering systems, grab sampling systems, small bore piping systems and pilot plants, including but not limited to commissioning, training and supply of spare-parts.

Independent System Integration
Independent system integration meaning the implementation of complete projects in the field of pilot plants, analysers systems and metering systems combined with associated installation, commissioning and start-up activities.

Full responsibility can be placed in the hand of a single supplier. Imtech Analyser Systems has acquired broad-based experience in relation to all common process, analyser and metering techniques, sample take off and sample condition techniques, analyser enclosures, analyser & metering houses and (HV)AC packages.
On a daily basis, Imtech Analyser Systems is involved in the engineering, functional and detailed specification, project implementation, and commissioning services for complete projects.

History Imtech Industrial Services B.V. Analyser Systems

Imtech Analyser Systems, part of Imtech Industrial Services division is internationally well known as a supplier of complete Analyser systems, analyser products, pilot plants, metering systems and sampling systems.  For more information about Imtech Analyser Systems, you may visit their official website:

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MEPET - Energy Transfer Technology Partnership


Energy Transfer Technology (ETT) is another strong ally of Middle East Petrochem Engineering & Technology (MEPET). Energy Transfer Technology was established and registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in September 2008. The company provides research and technology development to sponsors or clients in both the public and private sectors.

Energy Transfer Technology is an energy research and technology development company with interest in all areas of fossil, alternative or renewable energy (bio-fuels), green chemistry, and carbon capture and storage. Our interest and expertise also includes the related areas of chemicals and carbon materials made from fossil or biofuel feedstocks, and recovery and re-use of waste materials. ETT is in the business of starting with ideas --- generated internally or brought to us by clients --- and proceeding through testing at the laboratory-bench scale, process development, analytical methods development, and technology verification via design and operation of pilot plants, and then assisting companies with eventual commercialization. This assistance could be provided via consulting, subcontracting, or possibly joint ventures.

To know more about Energy Transfer Technology, visit their official website at: