Types of Services

  • Development of New Technologies including Process Design Package (PDP) Preparation

    MEPET is capable of taking client’s conceptual ideas and developing them into new technologies for execution and implementation.  Additionally, MEPET prepares the final PDP Package for the project’s implementation

  • Techno-Economic Evaluation of New Technologies

    MEPET can conduct an economic evaluation of related technologies for client investments, both during the initial stages of the project, as well as during the final stages of project implementation.

    For this service, MEPET will develop techno-economic models to assist the client in their decision making process during various stages of their investments.

  • Technology Identification & Licensing Negotiation

    MEPET’s knowledgeable staff will help clients to identify their required technology and licensor.  Additionally, MEPET will support its clients throughout all stages of licensing negotiations, as the client’s technical expert team to make sure our clients are getting the best technology on the market with the best price and the best future technical support terms and conditions.

  • Design Optimizations of Current Processes

    MEPET’s experienced engineers will review the client’s in-house or acquired Process Design Package (PDP) for technical validation and identification of potential process, operation and safety optimizations.

  • De-Bottlenecking of Current Processes & Facilities

    In this area MEPET will provide the following types of services:

    First, MEPET’s experienced team of process engineers will evaluate the client’s current operational facility and generate a list of potential improvement areas which can be achieved with minimal capital expenditure.  These areas could include improvement of the current operating conditions, reduction in feeds and/or utility usage, improving health/safety/ environmental conditions, etc.

    Second, MEPET’s experienced team of process engineers will evaluate the client’s current operational problem(s) and provide them with the best and most economically available solution to the problem(s).

  • Market Analysis for a Specific Product/Product Chain

    MEPET’s team of marketing experts will conduct comprehensive market analysis using various marketing tools and models in conjunction with various published market reports to provide our clients a market analysis for a specific product (i.e. methanol, ethylene, etc.) and/or a product chain (Acetyls, Polymers, etc.).



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