Types of Services

  • Comparative Studies of Various Technologies

    MEPET technical experts are capable of and well equipped to evaluate various technologies available on the market for any products.

    Today, the capital required for chemical investment is high. MEPET is capable of providing you the knowledge and expertise required to understand small technical differences between similar technologies that, in the long term, will effect your investment in a big way.

  • Environmental Studies & Hazardous Work Analysis
  • MEPET’s environmental and hazardous analysis team will review and evaluate our client’s current operational facilities and provide reports on how the process and/or operation of the reviewed plant and/or unit can be enhanced in order to improve all aspects of health, environment and safety.

  • Process Modeling & Simulation

    MEPET’s experienced team of process design engineers have the expertise and necessary simulation tools to simulate all types of chemical processes and provide clients with simulation models which can help to operate their unit(s) in the most efficient ways and with minimal environmental and safety impacts.

  • Basic Engineering Design (BED) Work from a Licensed and/or In-House PDP for New or Existing Technologies

    MEPET will provide its clients all the necessary Basic Engineering Design (BED) activities for a PDP package prepared from in-house technology development activities and/or a licensed technology.

    MEPET will provide this service through collaboration with a number of well-established and well-known engineering companies.

    MEPET’s knowledge and expertise in this area will help its clients to reduce the total cost of the BED work by serving as the client’s technical team during all steps of the BED work.

  • Engineering & Project Management

    MEPET’s team of experts are capable of providing all types of process related engineering activities, including but not limited to, process design, process optimization, trouble shooting (for solving process related problems), pipe sizing, flow and mass balance measurements, catalyst deactivation problems, relief valve calculations and sizing, etc.

  • Project Implementation & Execution

    MEPET teams are not only capable of providing their clients the necessary engineering work, they are also capable of managing the implementation and execution of the clients' various projects at their facilities.



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